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Welcome to the CureLite Bottling Co. where we have been bottling fun since June 6th 2012.

CureLite is a guild based on the idea of having a good time.  So sit back, relax, crack one open and enjoy the ride.

Glug, glug, glug....

Guild Recruiting !!

danotmano1998, Nov 4, 13 1:33 PM.
Hey everyone!

Our guild needs some new blood. If you pug with someone looking for a guild and you think they'd be a good fit, invite them!
If you play with a friend and they aren't a member, invite them!
We are slowly losing people (which is completely normal in any MMO). But we need more folks to fill in the gaps and bring more fun to our events!

Send out the word and help us to build up our numbers!

Website Reconstruction

Clerinomicon, Aug 10, 13 9:55 PM.
Hello everyone :D

I would like to let everyone know that i am going to be improving on our website. So if anyone has suggestions, ideas, or content they think would look good on the site, please post a comment on this news thread and i will get back with you promptly. Feedback and compliments are also welcome.
    Live, Laugh, & Have Fun All


Things changed:

  •     New navigation bar buttons
  •     New website icon (Far left icon next to page name on your browser tab)
  •     Box Borders
  •     Forum button scheme
  •      Color Scheme: Blue Text : All Gold Text is a Link.....Box Background color changed to red.....Also edited color of title back to match BG color
  •    Link Underlining Disabled.....Hope everyone agrees that it makes the pg look better
  •    (NEW!) Box Backgrounds changed :)....Bubble friendly for our bottles   9-9-2013
  •    (NEW!) Even MORE bubble friendly backgrounds. Transparent to the BG ;)   9-10-2013
  •    (NEW!) Inner & Side Background Image - I think the flames at the top could come off the box or something instead.   9-10-2013 ( Would like input in comments.... Like | Dislike )  
  •    (NEW!) Login Bar BG - its diff, but i know the potion bottles and liquid sell it ;)   9-11-2013

In-Progress or next to be changed:

  •     Create Background Side Image ( i NEED help here people. Give me some ideas )
  •    Forum's Detail - All the clickable link buttons customized, and some title BG work....could use ideas here as well

Open Recruiting

danotmano1998, Jul 12, 13 10:31 PM.
Hey Guildies!!

We are in open recruiting season. Know someone who would be a good fit? Invite them or let an officer know!  We're looking for friendly people that are interested in joining our guild family and are willing to go have some fun with us.
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